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Perform Inspection & Provide Reports

It is very important to understand the level of cleanliness inside of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. We use advanced technology to do the job and present it.

Our inspectors use remote controlled cameras which goes into extended lengths of vertical and horizontal air ducts to evaluate the internal cleanliness levels of HVAC systems. The high definition digital images taken by the camera and in some cases the video recordings captured during the inspection process are reported in a softcopy format along with documentedanalysis and assessment outcome of sample laboratory testing.

Conduct Air Handling Unit (AHU) Cleaning

Air Handling Unit is a key component of the HVAC systemused to regulate and circulate air. It is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, dampers etc.The accumulation of dust and debris on these components such as filters, grills and dampers can result in restrictive air flow thus reducing the efficiency and increasing the energy cost.A corroded or blocked humidifier can also lead to excessive moisture levels which in turn can lead to mould growth within the system. Temperature complaint can also be due to lack of regular cleaning.

Our technicians ensure that all internal components of Air Handling Units are cleaned effectively so that the system operates efficiently for a longer period of time.

Conduct Ductwork Cleaning

Over the years, regular use of HVAC system will lead to accumulation of dust layer on the inner walls of the ductwork. It may also contain common contaminants like bacteria or fungus, debris from rusted HVAC components, man-made fibres, mould spores, pollens and moisture. Other contaminants can include asbestos, building debris, litter from animals, birds or insects, and smoke residues.

Unclean HVAC systems can greatly reduce energy efficiency and system effectiveness. It can also affect the system lifespan. Most importantly, it can compromise the indoor air quality and thus present a risk to occupant health. ‘Stay Clean and Stay Healthy’ is our mission in Dust Matters.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Neglected kitchen exhaust systems can lead to an accumulation of excessive grease and oil, creating a fire hazard as well as reducing the systems operational performance.

Dust Matters provides comprehensive cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems including all hoods, ducts, filters and fans, in order to return each system to its optimum operating efficiency.

To comply with Australian Standards and industry best practice, Dust Matters also provides periodical inspections of kitchen exhaust systems, including detailed reporting and cleanliness certification

Remediation & Protection

With some HVAC Hygiene or 'duct cleaning' projects it is common to find certain hazardous types of contamination within the HVAC system including mould, lead, trace asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres and other biological hazards. Remediation of HVAC systems that contain hazardous contamination requires specialist knowledge, training and sometimes certification. Stringent engineering controls may also be required and implemented during a HVAC remediation project.

Following the remediation of a system affected by hazardous contamination, the internal surfaces and components may require the application of specialised treatments to provide future protection or to prevent recontamination.

Dust Matters continuously researches and sources the most advanced and effective HVAC treatments internationally that provide the best protection possible.

Perform Risk Assessment & Provide Recommendation

HVAC system runs throughout any building concealed from regular vision, thus any damage to any component of the system can prove fatal in long run. Dust Matters can perform system assessment at a regular frequency as per various international protocols and guidelines like AS/NZS 3666.4:2011 and provide you with a report and/or recommendation.

‘Stay Clean and Stay Safe’ is our mission in Dust Matters. Conducting regular inspection and proper maintenance of HVAC system will free you from the unnecessary fear of compromising safety and will also help you to be in compliance.

Mould Remediation

Although our name is Dust Matters, the experience we have gained from conducting successful mould remediation of intricate air-conditioning systems enables us to extend these services to entire mould affected buildings and their contents.

Along with our highly trained, qualified and experienced staff, our specialised remediation methods and technologies ensure that Dust Matters are leaders in providing effective and lasting mould remediation solutions.

Dust Matters conducts all mould remediation services in accordance with international best practice guidelines and standards. Dust Matters staff are trained, certified and insured for conducting mould remediation services.

Safety Note: Proper containment and correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are the number one priority during the delivery of mould remediation projects, big or small. Incorrect containment and/or PPE can cause cross contamination issues and create a health risk to employees, building occupants etc. . . .

Restoration and refurbishmentof HVACFilters

With passage of time and regular use of the HVAC system the filters may undergo wear and tear and eventually require a replacement. This is essential to enhance the performance of the system and extend the life expectancy of the system.

Dust Matters is fully equipped to provide restoration or refurbishment of these deteriorated filters if found required on regular inspection.

Cool Room Hygiene Maintenance

Cleaning is not sufficient to maintain the hygiene level of Cool Room. While it can take away the obvious contamination, it does not attack the problem to the source. Hygiene remediation, surface decontamination, coil protection, surface protection and drain line protection is necessary for total hygiene maintenance of cool room.

Dust Matters can provide such high level of quality service if found required after proper swab laboratory test during assessment.

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